Annexation to the Town of Summerdale
What it would mean to you.

  • A Local Government that meets your needs
  • Full-time Departments
  • Professional Police and Fire Protection
  • Greater representation that is responsive to you
  • Sound leadership
  • Identification with a strong and growing Town
  • Protective Zoning

Annexation FAQ

  • What does annexation mean?

    Annexation occurs when citizens of an unincorporated area petition to become part of a neighboring city. It is a matter of landowner rights. When the landowners in an area near a city determine it is in their best interests, they petition to be annexed.

  • Must I be notified before my property can be annexed?

    YES. When an annexation is proposed, (whether by private citizens or the City government) the landowners of the area are notified. This is because the landowners usually have a meeting with city officials to express their opinions about annexation. If the property is contiguous to the incorporated limits and the landowner desires annexation, an annexation petition is prepared and signed.

  • How does annexation work?

    ALABAMA ANNEXATION LAW PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF PROPERTY OWNERS. Annexation occurs using strict procedures under the Alabama law. In order to start an annexation, some or part of the proposed area for annexation must be contiguous the town’s existing borders. The Landowner must agree by signing a petition for annexation. The petition is sent to the Town of Summerdale Council for approval. Then, and Ordinance is drafted and adopted and the Town accepts the properties into its corporate limits.

  • What happens to my real estate taxes upon annexation into the Town of Summerdale?

    Your property taxes will increase. The Town of Summerdale has a five (5) mil tax. This will be added to the current taxes that are imposed by the State and County.

    Calculating Your Property Taxes
    Market Value * Assessment Rate % = Value * Millage/Levy=Tax – Exemption = Property Tax

    Assessment Rate or Ratio (AL Legislation established the following ratios):
    Class I: 30% – Public Utilities
    Class II: 20% – Includes Apartments, commercial and industrial properties
    Class III: 10% – Single Family, owner-occupied homes or condos, farm and timber

    Comparisons of other Municipalities ad-valorem tax

    BAY MINETTE 12.5 Mills + Hospital 2.0 Mil
    DAPHNE 15.0 Mills
    ELBERTA 5.0 Mills
    FAIRHOPE 15.0 Mills
    FOLEY 5.0 Mills
    GULF SHORES 5.0 Mills
    LOXLEY 6.0 Mills
    ORANGE BEACH 4.0 Mills
    ROBERTSDALE 5.0 Mills
    SILVERHILL 10.0 Mills
    SPANISH FORT 5.0 Mills
    SUMMERDALE 5.0 Mills

  • Will my child attend the same school if my property is annexed into Summerdale.

    YES. Your child will continue to attend the same school. School districts do not change due to municipal annexation. However, the Town of Summerdale is working with Baldwin County Board of Education to promote the Summerdale School within its corporate limits.

  • Will annexation benefit the Summerdale School District?

    YES. Annexation generally means growth for the area through new construction. Since most annexations contain some undeveloped land, eventually development of that land adds to the tax base of the school district. Of course, until the development of vacant lands occur, the effect on the school district is neutral – the schools continue to receive the same funding from the annexed land as before.

  • Will my property be assessed for sewer line extensions?

    NO. The Town has no plans to force assessments for sewer improvements. Sewer line extensions will only occur by request from and paid for by the developer.

  • I keep horses and other livestock on my land. Will I be able to keep them upon annexation into the Town of Summerdale?

    YES. The Town of Summerdale must allow you to continue any legal use of your land that you maintained in the unincorporated area. Your current zoning classification will continue or can be modified with the signed petition initial zone request.

  • I have a farm. Does annexation benefit me?

    Yes, YOU BENEFIT. Farming has long been a vital part of the Town of Summerdale’s commercial and cultural heritage. To date, a number of landowners in the Town have requested and received agricultural zoning. Typical “city” restrictions are relaxed or removed for agricultural lands in the Town. You can still farm commercially, hunt, fish, trap, discharge firearms, and perform all the farming functions as in the county. And, Town services and amenities are available.

  • How does City Government compare with County Government?

    CITY GOVERNMENT IS MORE RESPONSIVE TO YOUR NEEDS. A city is run by a Mayor elected every four years, and five Council-Members elected every four years.

    Mayor – David Wilson
    1-Myles Bishop
    2-Norma Giles
    3-Mary Carolyn McDaniel
    4-Travis Townsend
    5-Cheryl Stewart
    The Town Clerk is available to assist all departments during regular business hours at the Town Hall along with a staff of full time employees to provide the services and amenities that are a part of town life. Because the town has “home rule”, an important Constitutional right, and the citizens have an active voice, your Town Council makes the laws that apply to the corporate limits.

    County Government is run by a four-commission government with no one commissioner to represent you specifically. They are to be elected countywide and may not reside close to your current district. Therefore it is more difficult to provide a high level of services for their citizens. With the Urbanization of Baldwin County, many feel that the County Government is not responsive to their needs.

  • Would Summerdale Town Government benefit me?

    YES. Town Government provides many services. The Town of Summerdale provides Community development, Zoning protection, Building department, Economic partnership development, Street department, Safety, Water department,  Mosquito control, Provides street lights to its residents, Building and Zoning inspector, Round the clock Police, Fire Emergency Protection with a fire classification rating of “5” which is not offered outside the incorporated limits.

  • I want to have my property annexed to Summerdale - How do I start?

    Contact the Mayor or just go by Town Hall and pick up a copy of the form to petition your land. We are here to assist you in getting your annexation area proposed and incorporated into the corporate limits.

    Have more questions? CALL:
    David Wilson, Mayor
    Office: (251) 989-6202
    Home: (251) 989-6658