D. Robert Stankoski, Jr., Judge
Summerdale Municipal Court is a criminal misdemeanor court that handles misdemeanor and traffic offenses that occur within the Town limits and police jurisdiction of Summerdale.

Municipal Court is held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month with the exception of in January and September. Court sessions begin promptly at 1:00PM.


Municipal Court is located at:

Summerdale Municipal Complex
502 W Lee Ave

Office Hours:
8:00AM – 4:30PM
Phone (251) 989-6060
Fax (251) 989-7447

251-989-6060 / 989-6061

Court, Warrants, and or Citations

Traffic Tickets

If you have a traffic ticket that does not require a court appearance and would like to take care of it without appearing in court, you may do so by appearing in person at Town Hall.  You would then enter a plea of guilt and pay the ticket. You can download the plea of guilt form here.  If you have had two prior convictions in the past year, you are required to appear in court.

Payable Fines and Costs

You may also remit your plea of guilt and payment by mail on certain offenses. We must receive such plea and payment within our Municipal Court office on or before your prescribed court date.

You may mail your guilty plea and payment to:

Summerdale Municipal Court
502 W Lee Ave.
Summerdale, AL 36580

If your ticket requires a court appearance or you have had two prior convictions in the past year, you must appear in court on the court date listed on your ticket. You will appear before the municipal judge and enter a plea on the charge. If you plead guilty, the judge will determine your fine amount and you will be required to pay the fine and court cost at that time. If you plead not guilty, your case will be tried.

If you do not know whether or not your ticket requires a court appearance, you may contact the Summerdale Municipal Court at (251) 989-6060. All non-traffic offenses require a court appearance.

Municipal Court FAQ

1. Can someone else come and pay a ticket for me?
No, the magistrate must witness your signature on the Waiver of Rights on the back of the citation.
2. Can I drop a warrant?
Once a warrant has been signed and issued, it cannot be dropped for any reason.  Everyone must appear in court to settle the matter.
3. Do I need to bring money to court?
At court, you will be expected to pay for all fines and court cost assessed by the judge.
4. What can I do if there is a warrant for my arrest?
In order to take care of an outstanding warrant, you must turn yourself in to the Summerdale Police Department.  After the warrant has been processed, you will be given an opportunity to post a bond and you will be given a court date.  For further information contact the Summerdale Municipal Court at (251) 989-6060.
5. What will the exact amount of my fines be at court?
The municipal Judge will establish the amount of the fine for each offense at court.  Depending on the charge, the Judge may place a maximum fine of $500 plus court cost.  There are some charges that the Judge can charge a much higher fine.